AGU fall meeting, San Francisco, U.S.A. 9-13 December 2019

We are happy to announce, and invite you, to participate to the session “Mines and Mining Environments: research contributions to value mining resources responsibly” at the AGU fall meeting, San Francisco, 9 – 13, December 2019. This session was submitted in the context of the emergence of several Research Centers in Africa funded by the World Bank in the domain of Mines and Mining environments (e.g. Ivory Coast, Guinea, Niger), but also in the context of existing debates and conflicts about mining projects in other parts of the world (North and South America and Europe).

Note that Individuals who currently reside in developing countries are eligible to attend at a discounted rate (free registration for citizens residing in low-income countries). Travel grants are also available for students and early career scientists from low-income countries*. There is no abstract fee for individuals residing in qualifying low-income and lower- middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank.

Travel grants

General travel grants for students, 1000 US$

Travel grants from young researchers from low-income lower middle-income countries

Abstract Deadline: July, 31, 2019

You must be an AGU member to submit an abstract (50 US$ for research, 20US$ for a student)

 Session Title:

Mines and Mining Environments: research contributions to value mining resources responsibly

 Session Description:

The development of new technologies, renewable energies and infrastructures implies the growing demand for raw materials. Given the known reserves, mining activity will increasingly develop in the countries of the tropical and subtropical belt.  These countries will have to consider, in their development model, the positive and negative externalities of mining projects. Following the SDG recommendations, the economic, societal and environmental impacts must be investigated at local and global levels, in the light of current knowledge and best-known techniques, applicable throughout the life cycle of mining projects. This includes geological mapping, exploration, exploitation, metallurgy, reduction of negative impacts, and restoration of degraded sites processes. This session focuses on research contributions bringing together the actors involved in mining activities (academia, mining industry, governments) to increase knowledge in each component, and to promote model(s) for a responsible mining activity. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Website of the conference and session:

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